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Serbia 2024

more than a
mission trip

Why should you join?

Experience the joy of helping, the thrill of adventure, and the power of unity – Youth & ADRA’s Connection trips for young people are your ticket to a world of meaningful connections and service.

to Serbia

Everyone has different passions and talents given by God. And during this trip you’ll surely discover more! While together in Serbia, we will engage in four different activities: Discover here more! 

This is ADRAs Community Centre near Belgrade. This is where much of our work is going to happen! 

Construction activities. There will be some construction/ reconstruction work of the present Center of Influence – a new floor which will enable new activities for the most vulnerable families in the local community.

Assisting in distribution of food from the Food Bank. Working force is needed for this.

Assisting children from poor settlements in learning (English, German) in the Center of Influence and in the School on Wheels

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