Get to know your host – ADRA Serbia

ADRA Serbia, headquartered in Belgrade, is one of around 120 national offices of ADRA International and has been active in the region since 1990. During the Yugoslav wars in the 90s that were fought inside the territory of former Yugoslavia, ADRA played a significant part in the humanitarian relief in Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of ethnic and religious association of the people in need. During the siege of Sarajevo, the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare, more than 100 brave, courageous and deeply committed volunteers distributed food and letters to the citizens of besieged Sarajevo. From 1992 to 1994 ADRA distributed around 270,000 fifteen-kilogram family food parcels and 320,000 letters.

After the war, ADRA, which had previously operated in the territory of former Yugoslavia, continues to operate as an organization in the territory of the Republic of Serbia till today. We work e.g. with homeless people, refugees, or teaching disadvantaged children in our innovative “School on wheels”.

Just a few months ago, we have opened the new facilities of our Community Center outside the Serbian Capital Belgrade, where you will work on converting another floor of the building. It will serve as a resource for the flourishing of the local community and especially those struggling with poverty, injustice and obstacles in enjoying their basic rights. The Center will be a hub to contribute to the cultural life and bring together the private, civil, and public sector, a place this community has lacked.