The Project

What will you do in Serbia?

As diverse as all our talents are, as diverse will be the activities you can participate in. There will be something for everyone!

As a group, we are going to support different initiatives throughout the two weeks of our Youth ADRA Connections Trip. These are

  • assisting ADRA Serbia’s food bank, preparing and distributing food packages to people in need
  • tutoring children in ADRA’s “School on wheels”
  • different mission activities together with the local Church
  • Isn’t the building cool, that you see on top of this page? This is ADRA’s newly inaugurated Community Centre, a bit outside of Belgrade. Under the roof, it has another large room under its roof, that cannot be used yet – as a group, we will renovate and refurbish it, so that additional activities can take place in there (see picture above). 

At the lower floor, the centre is already very nicely remodeled and furnished. Now ADRA has the opportunity, to use also the top floor under the roof, that was previously used by another organization. You see the picture here! What an awesome challenge, to turn this into a really nice meeting space! 

Watch a video about ADRAs Community Centre